Localizing game descriptions on Steam

More than 60% of Steam users choose other language than English, therefore – aiming to offer the best experience possible to its users from all over the world – the platform fully supports 28 languages, whereas the available games could be translated into 104 different languages!

At Steam, they realise that it is important to adapt their content to users. Are you aware that this also applies to you?

On Steam, you can use two separate types of localization: the in-game localization and the game page localization. The best solution is to use both these functions.

Within the game page localization, you can manage the description of the game, images and trailers. On Steam, the game description may be entered even in all 102 languages.

Did you know?

In Asia (as opposed to Europe), many users do not speak English, so localization is usually the only way to target the players in there.

Steam works pretty similar to search engines and prioritises the localized sites, so add as many language versions of the game descriptions as possible. 

Language preferences of the Steam users do not depend on their geographic location, so make different language versions available to all players , regardless of where they live.

What can WE do for you?

If your aim is to reach new users and acquire new clients around the world, there is no doubt that investing in localization will pay off. We will help you position your game!

Use the form and send us the description of your game, and we will be more than happy to localize it (or proofread it) into Chinese, English or Polish FOR FREE.

You can count on a good discount if you would like to include other languages in your offer.

1.    The special offer applies to the Polish and foreign companies, hereinafter referred to as the Participants.
2.    Within the special offer Diuna Group will perform free translation of a game description for the Participant that does not exceed 350 words into maximum two languages, i.e. from Polish or English into Chinese and into Polish or English.
3.    The Participant declares that it holds the copyrights to the translated text and the relevant title.
4.    The Participant agrees to receive business information from Diuna Group.
5.    The participant agrees to place their name and logo as well as the title of the game in Diuna Group portfolio and on the website.


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