Technical translations

Technical translations include technical terminology that is specific to a particular field, such as engineering, the very many individual sciences, medicine, law or IT. Technical translations play an important role in facilitating communication and transcending language borders to transfer knowledge. 


To make sure the technical information is passed on correctly to another language, technical translations need to be highly accurate.

Specialised knowledge

Linguists who specialise in technical translations must have extensive knowledge of a particular technical field and be familiar with the terminology aspects used within a given sector.


Technical documents usually include repetitive vocabulary and defined formatting patterns. So, it is absolutely crucial to maintain strict consistency of format and style throughout the text.

Attention to details

As technical documents usually include specific key information, translators need to be meticulous in their work to make sure there are no errors or omissions in the target text.


The technical information is very often complex and hard to understand. The translator's duty is to convey this kind of information clearly and concisely in the target language.

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