According to research carried out by Common Sense Advisory, over 70% of consumers worldwide prefer to buy products promoted in their native language. Marketing translations allow companies to better understand a client’s needs and to customise their message for the local market. Adapting the message to the culture and language specific to the target country makes the advertising campaign more effective, which directly translates into increased sales and greater profitability.

marketing translations

International success

Nowadays, marketing translation is the key to success in global business. By investing in marketing translations, you open the door for new clients around the world. Marketing translations make it possible for a company to get their message out in a way that is clear to foreign audiences and build a positive brand image in different countries. According to research carried out by Nielsen Norman Group, people are infinitely more drawn to – and of course have a vastly easier time absorbing – information that is in their own language.

Naming and branding

One of the biggest challenges for the marketing translators is to correctly render product names and brands. The names need to be appealing and easy to remember as well as convey important information about the product or brand.

Advertising campaigns

In order to customise an advertising campaign for the local market, you need to be familiar with the language and culture of a particular country and understand its customer trends and habits. In some countries, ads with celebrities are popular (for example in Japan), whereas in other countries, for example in Sweden, consumers prefer ads that reflect situations from everyday life.


Marketing translations may include many different forms of communication, such as TV commercials, press articles, website content, social media posts, promotional materials, and much more. The given forms of communication need to be tailored to the culture in a particular country as well as to its local markets.

Every industry has its own rules

Marketing translations are particularly crucial when it comes to companies operating in the sector of fashion, cosmetics, gastronomy and tourism, as the aspects associated with aesthetics and culture are of the highest importance in these fields. In order to draw the attention and interest of potential customers, it is important to adapt the message to the local market.

Did you know?

The services within marketing translations refer not only to rendering the advertising texts but include adapting images, colours and styles to match the target consumer's preferences and habits.

According to CSA Research

Google Translate is not enough

Many companies use machine translation tools, such as Google Translate, to translate their marketing content. Nearly 80% of companies believe that the quality of machine translation falls far short of expectations no matter what type of text it may be, including copy for marketing and advertising. The research has shown that machine translations are never ideal and in the best of circumstances generate undesirable ambiguities that undermine credibility and trust among customers. 

It comes as a surprise that about 20% of companies do not plan to translate their marketing content into other languages.

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