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We assist in using the technological solutions and the tools such as CAT, TMS and MT. We offer the consulting and training services that help to optimize the process of translation. 

Translators recruitment process

IT consulting services

Quality Control

Managing Translators

Managing terminology

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Why us?

Our mission is to spread the word about solutions and technologies that are present on the translation market, as the whole industry is going to benefit from the exchange of knowledge and experience. We have been running our translation agency in a dynamic environment for years, so we exactly know the challenges that we are facing. We know how to optimise work in our industry at various stages of the company development.

We will make it easier for you to improve your translation processes and we will share our know-how with you about tools such as CAT, TMS and MT. 

Translators recruitment process

There are many MT solutions on the market, but at the end of the day the translation quality depends on the skills of a professional translator. 

We will find the best specialists in any field and help you start a collaboration with them. We will tell you what to include in the collaboration agreement and indicate important aspects that will help you build long-term relationship with the providers of translation services.

Managing translators and allocating projects

We fully understand the needs of our freelance translators and know how to work with them so that they gladly accept projects from us. We will also tell you, how to effectively prepare documents, so you can quickly find the best contractors without the additional costs related to personalised services.

Managing translation memory

Each company uses language-specific terms. For the sake of fluency, it’s important to maintain consistency, as this also enhances your brand image. 

Even if several translators are allocated to the same project, we will guide you how to maintain consistency in your translations within different departments of your company.

The process of quality control

Not always the translation projects meet the requirements in 100%. Moreover, the translation quality may be something that is hard to define. That’s why we will help you create a quality assessment that perfectly fits your company needs.

We will mutually determine the most important quality aspects, taking the purpose of the translation into account. The statistical system of the quality assessment allows you to hand over feedback to translators, which contributes to improving their skills.

IT solutions – advice services

In this day and age when technology is rapidly developing, new IT solutions that support the translation process appear on the market every few months. The implementation of the appropriate tools will help you manage the translated content, make it easier to settle with translators, and also will allow you to check the translation progress, quality as well as the costs.

We can advise on choosing the best system that matches your needs and abilities 


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