Certified translations

Certified translations, also known as sworn translations, are performed by translators who are registered on the list of the Ministry of Justice after passing a state examination. Then, the translators act as government officials and – with their seals and signatures – can confirm the compliance of the translated documents.. In addition to language proficiency, certified translators must prove their extensive knowledge of the legal systems valid in the two countries.

Documents that are to be submitted to government offices or to courts require certified translation. 

certified translations

With qualified electronic signature

A qualified electronic signature is a type of signature that is based on an advanced qualified certificate. It is used to verify the signature authenticity and to ensure integrity of the electronic document. It carries the same legal weight as a handwritten signature, so you can use it to sign agreements and other legal documents on the Internet. A qualified electronic signature is issued by selected certification bodies. In order to get one, you need to confirm your identity by using special authentication tools, such as a chip card or token.

does every translation have to be certified?

Certified translations vs. standard translations

Whether you need a certified or standard translation depends on the type of document and the institution to which it will be submitted. Certified translations are mandatory for official documents, such as civil registry records, statements, agreements, court decisions, procedural documents, diplomas, school and academic certificates, and in all other cases where a translation needs to be authenticated by a certified translator. If you are not sure whether you need a certified translation, our project managers will look into your case and propose a type of translation that will match your needs. 

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    Most often, we perform these types of certified translations

    notarial deeds

    birth/death/marriage certificates

    powers of attorney

    court letters

    official documents



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