Audiovisual translations

Audiovisual translations refer to rendering verbal and nonverbal content that includes both image and sound. The translation process involves converting the content from the original video into target language, including text, sound, image, facial expressions, gestures and performance.

audiovisual translations

The use of audiovisual translations in various sectors

Audiovisual translations are widely used in different industries. In the film and TV business, they make it possible to distribute films and shows on international markets. In advertising and marketing, the audiovisual translations contribute to promoting products and services. In video games, they enable players from different countries to play the same games, whereas during conferences and trainings, audiovisual translations make it possible for the participants from around the world to use the same training materials. 

We translate various content

The film ‘Parasite’, directed by Bong Joon-ho, won the Oscar in 2020 for Best International Feature Film and the Best Picture, which led to a huge increase in interest in Korean cinema and culture around the world. The meaning of this is clear: a high-quality audiovisual translation greatly increases the odds that a film will meet with critical and box office success, no matter where it is watched.

So, what should be translated?

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