What do we do?

Discover our solutions that support company development in terms of language, translation, content and localization. 


Standard and specialised translations.


Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, including interpreting during on-line events.

Certified translations

Translations requiring authentication of a certified translator, including translations certified with an electronic signature.

Localization services

Game, software, website and online shop localization. Game localization tests (LQA).

AI services

We collect and provide text, audio and video data that allows algorithms to learn from the best sources.

Intellectual property services

We specialise in translating patents and other IP documents.

Audiovisual translations

Translations of verbal and non-verbal content involving sound and image.

Multilingual SEO

Language optimalisation for web browsers.

Consulting and training

Building in-house translation departments. Consultation and training.

Marketing translations

Creative translations adapted to a specific target group.

Medical translations

Translations of texts and documents requiring specialised medical knowledge.

Machine translations

Translations performed with the use of our own translation memories.

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    Industries in which we operate

    Specialised translations require a holistic approach and a thorough understanding of a given industry and its market environment as well as knowledge of industry-specific terminology.


    Legal translations are usually performed by linguists with an education in a field of law. Great linguistic skills are not enough – comprehensive knowledge of the legal systems applicable in the two countries is necessary as well.

    Patents and intellectual property

    Translation, verification and post-editing of machine translation of patents and patent applications.

    Economics and management​​

    The texts on economics and management are characterised by a high level of interdisciplinarity: they address issues from different fields, e.g. law, tax, finance or business. 


    Translation for public administration is a professional service involving translation of documents and other materials for institutions carrying out public activities. 

    Medicine and pharmacy​

    Medical and pharmaceutical translations are not easy. They require the utmost care and diligence, as someone's health or even life may depend on the quality of the translation. 

    Finance and banking​

    Financial translations are of a specialised nature. They cover topics from many related fields, such as banking, accounting as well as capital and insurance markets.

    Transport and logistics

    Transport and logistics translations constitute a broad and very complex group of specialised translations that help businesses communicate on foreign markets.

    Machine industry and manufacturing​

    Translations for the machine and manufacturing sectors are exceptionally diverse. Our translators-engineers have knowledge of the field to which the translated text relates. Here, adapting the content to the target market is crucial as well. 

    Creative industry

    Translations for the creative industry are a special group of translations that cover all forms of content creation and dissemination, such as literature, film, television, advertising, mass media, art, music, video games, etc.

    Marketing and advertisement

    Marketing translation is a task for creative translators who know the realities of the target market very well and are able to convey the meaning of the original text in a way that is appropriate to the cultural context.

    All you want to know

    most frequently asked questions

    We know the translation industry inside out. We started from technical and patent translations, and we believe that it is easier to turn an engineer into a translator than the other way around. Building upon that principle for years, we have developed a base of translators who are specialists in various fields.

    It would be easier to ask what languages we DO NOT translate into. 🙂 Soon we will add a complete list of languages that we offer.

    Among our satisfied clients you will find small and medium enterprises, start-ups, corporations and government institutions. All the industries that you can find on our website are there for a reason – we have gained wide experience in each of them. We help companies grow in virtually every sector you can think of, including: business, law, intellectual property, medicine, pharmacy, technology, banking, e-commerce, marketing, the creative sector, food, tourism, logistics and the machine industry, to name a few.

    Yes. If you are looking for the right translation services provider, but you want to make sure that it will fulfil your expectations, feel free to order a free translation sample. You will find the form and offer details HERE.

    The security of our clients’ data and documents is very important to us. All messages are sent through an encrypted SSL protocol, and our servers are protected by the latest security technologies. We also care for information confidentiality and apply adequate procedures to protect data.

    No doubt about that! Our goal is to drive your development. At the beginning of our cooperation, we thoroughly analyse your needs and enquire about the intended purpose of the texts that are to be translated. This way, we can select the proper service as well as the necessary tools and processes. We pay attention to every detail. We make corrections and, if necessary, offer comments and suggestions. Our translations meet the highest standards of quality.

    We do not have a price list because we treat each order individually. The translation quote depends on the type of source text and its intended purpose as well as on the mode of translation or additional services that are mutually agreed upon when arriving at a quote. A machine translation quote will differ from a localization or a transcreation quote. We match our services to the type of text and the destination industry, not the other way around. Don’t worry, we will explain everything in detail before proceeding with the order. In addition, at our translation agency the standard translation page has 1800 characters (including spaces) – and not 1600 or 1500 characters (including spaces), which happens to be the case with some of our competitors.

    The translation price depends on the text volume and the language pair as well as the mode of translation and whatever additional services that are mutually agreed upon when arriving at a quote. A machine translation quote will differ from a localization or a transcreation quote. We match our services to the type of text and the destination industry, not the other way around. We will give you the translation price after a thorough analysis of your order and after we are absolutely certain that we have rock-solid understanding of your expectations. However, you can be sure that our prices are competitive and the translation quality is always at the highest level.

    We can perform the translation in various modes – standard, express and ASAP. 😉 We will match the deadline to your expectations, as we are able to beat the clock if the matter is really urgent. However, if you are not in a hurry, extending the deadline will allow you to reduce the translation costs.

    At the quote stage, we take into account multiple factors, such as the source and type of the text and its intended purpose and target language as well as the destination industry. On this basis, we select the appropriate service as well as the tools and processes that will allow us to provide top-quality translation. Before proceeding with the order, we present our service proposal and, once it is accepted, we get to work.


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