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The translation of patents and other intellectual property documents is in our DNA and constitutes one of the key pillars of the entire Group.

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Katarzyna Kotruchow

Why us?

We believe that it is easier to teach an engineer the art of translation than to teach a linguist the entire technical field. We know that in order to provide quality translations of patents, you simply need to understand them and use the same specialised language as their author. Thanks to a wide range of tools to support our linguists, we are in a position to provide consistent terminology, which also contributes to the translation quality. Also, this saves a lot of time for applicants and their agents.

The extensive knowledge and experience of our translators and project coordinators has earned our patent translations the high level of recognition they enjoy in the IP area.

We listen

We learn and listen to the Client’s needs in order to precisely calibrate our actions to the translation goal

We advise

Depending on your needs, we will advise you on the right type of translation – certified or standard, performed by a linguist or a person with a technical education. We will select the right tools and technologies to optimise your project in terms of time and costs.

We execute

Thanks to our multistage translation control process and strict requirements that we impose on our translators, we provide top quality services.

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