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Diuna Language Services​

Diuna Language Services​ is one of the biggest translation agencies not only in Poland but also in the Central and Eastern Europe. We translate texts from various fields for large corporations, small and medium enterprises as well as public institutions. 

Specialised and creative translation is our thing.

Diuna Localization

Diuna Localization specialises in product and digital service localization into more than 20 languages. With the latest translation technologies and tools that make work more efficient, we combine processes with creativity.

We know how games are made. We will be more than happy to adapt to your workflow. We will select appropriate testing techniques and implement them on every scale.

Diuna AI Services

Diuna AI Services was created in response to the growing needs of the technology market. We provide not only linguistic data but also text, audio and visual data required for the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

We have carried out projects that require the collection of a lot of data. We can also guarantee the support of a wide group of linguists or help you recruit employees who speak foreign languages.

Diuna IP Services

Diuna IP Services is the unit within our translation agency that specialises in patent and intellectual property translations. It cooperates with patent attorneys who represent clients before the Patent Office, administrative courts, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). 

We also perform translations in the ‘validation-ready’ mode, i.e. translations verified by one of our patent attorneys.

Diuna Consulting

Diuna Consulting specialises in building and developing in-house translation departments as well as in implementing and refining tools that support translation processes.

Experienced Project Managers from Diuna Language Services will provide you with training and advice, or even create a translation department at your company from scratch.

Diuna Academy

Diuna Academy is where novices can acquire the competences necessary to work as translators, and established professional translators can obtain the knowledge and skills required to perform specialised translations. 

On our educational platform you will find courses, webinars and e-books that help to gain knowledge and new skills that are crucial on the ever-changing translation market.

Why us?

Thanks to our experience, we will quickly select the right service for your project, industry and target market. Your translation will be performed by reliable translators and linguists.

We determine the details of the order as soon as we receive the documents, and proceed with the order once the offer is accepted.

See what we can do for you!


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Agata Rybacka

General Manager

Clients have always been in the centre of our development. We want to support global companies so that they can achieve their business goals and communicate freely beyond borders. With every fulfiled order, we help our clients grow but also drive our own development.

Piotr Kolasa


We want to be the most renowned translation company in Poland. How are we pursuing our goal? We can skillfully combine modern technology with the work of professionals in various fields, so we always have been, are now, and always will be one step ahead of the others. Besides, we are really cool. 😉

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