Multilingual SEO

Multilingual Search Engine Optimisation (Multilingual SEO) is a process of website optimisation in such a way as to make it visible and attractive for users speaking various languages. It is vital for companies that want to increase their presence on foreign markets and attract customers from different countries.

Multilingual seo

Market globalisation

According to the Common Sense Advisory report published in 2020, more than half (54.3%) of Internet users use English while Chinese is the second-most-used language on the Internet, followed by Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese. Running a global business and positioning multilingual websites entails numerous challenges.

Language barrier

Language is an essential tool allowing people to communicate with each other, therefore understanding website content is crucial for effective positioning.

Cultural differences in searching for information

Different countries and regions can use different phrases and words, which affects the search results. For that reason, it is important to adapt key words and content on your website to the requirements of particular regions in order to increase the positioning efficiency.

Differences in search engine algorithms for different countries

Search engines use different algorithms for different countries to provide users with search results adapted to their region. It is important to understand search engine algorithms for particular countries and adapt website content to the requirements of these algorithms. In this way, you will achieve better results in search engines and increase website traffic.

the right strategy

Multilingual success

In a business context, the ‘Can’t Read, Won’t Buy’ report prepared by CSA Research shows that more than 70% of consumers prefer buying products and services in their native language, and more than 55% of respondents admitted that they would be less eager to buy products or services if the information about them was available only in a foreign language.

These numbers demonstrate that understanding language preferences of Internet users is absolutely indispensable for effective multilingual SEO strategy and for attracting potential customers from different countries and regions.

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