Medical translations

Medical translations play a key role in developing many fields of study within the medical and health sciences, given that various medical professionals are able to communicate freely thanks to them. Medical translations have to be unerringly precise and include specific medical terminology. Also, due to the nature of the work, confidentiality is a top priority.

Translations performed with surgical precision

Medical language is highly complex and contains specific vocabulary. It often happens that medical jargon used in the source text has no equivalent in other languages.

Therefore, to carry out medical translations, we rely solely on experts who are thoroughly well-educated in the relevant medical or health sciences field. Should uncertainty arise, we also consult doctors to obtain substantive medical opinion and advice, there being no room for doubt.

Quality guarantee

We have developed and implemented a text verification system that consists of two steps to provide you with fully accurate and clear documents.

Security guarantee and data privacy

We ensure full confidentiality of the medical information that has been provided and guarantee security when storing and sharing files.

Free translation sample and quote

When we receive a first project from a client, we treat it as the beginning of a long-term cooperation. We offer free a translation sample for our new clients so they can check the translation quality and introduce themselves to what will be an exceptional customer experience. A swift reply with a clear message is another of our distinguishing features.

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    Most often, we perform these types of medical translations

    protocols of surgical procedures and treatment guidelines

    medical history and lab test results

    medical articles

    patient information leaflets

    packaging for medical products

    medical equipment user guides


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