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This is where it all started. Our company is among the biggest translation agencies in Poland. We are ready and able to provide specialised translations for every industry. 



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We perform translations into almost 50 languages. We translate specialised documents from different sectors and fields. We use strict methods when recruiting our translators. We employ only experienced specialists that have a proven record in a given field. Each task must undergo a multi-step verification process to make sure that every project meets the highest standards.

Professional and reliable services

When we say 'professional', we mean it. Our clients usually refer to us using this particular word. We treat each client individually, and we make every effort to understand their needs in order to be able to fulfil their expectations.

Free translation sample and quote

The first project that we receive from a client is treated as the prospect of a long-term cooperation. What we like to do first is offer a free translation sample to our new clients, so they can check the translation quality and develop a sense of our exceptional experience that we provide to our customers. A swift reply with a clear message is another of our distinguishing features.

Modern tools driven by the power of the human brain

We use CAT tools that can considerably accelerate certain projects. The hybrid approach that combines the use of machine translation with the post-editing step allows us to offer attractive discounts and expedite the process while ensuring the quality and integrity of the translation.

Translation agency with a clear mission

Our business operation focuses on customers and their goals right from the start. Indeed, every completed project advances the progress of our client, and when our customers advance, we advance, too. We intend to break language barriers and contribute to our partners’ development because this is how we grow. Along with you, we are getting better every day.

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Finding the right provider of the translation services

Why us?

We have noticed that most people who are responsible for translation services in their workplace do not know what to look for when choosing a translation agency. They usually contact agencies in a hurry and on spec. Unfortunately, it often turns out the translated texts need to be improved, as they contain multiple mistakes and inconsistencies, and are of poor quality.

At the same time, it’s difficult for them to find the right specialists who will zero in on the nature of the industry, the target market and the purpose of the text at the quotation stage. They struggle to find a person who can provide them with a clear offer or explain how the translation process should be carried out in order to satisfy their needs. 

With Diuna, you will have none of these problems. We offer a free translation sample in order for you to check the translation quality and have proof positive of our skill. Also, we have developed the multi-step verification process and, within one service, we can provide you with the translated text that has been thoroughly checked and proofread by an experienced project manager.

We believe that there are few more powerful ways to help your company grow than to have the right message expressed in the right way. Our cardinal rule holds that every detail, in every line in every text, be polished to perfection.

We guarantee it.

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