Specialised translations

Specialised translations typically feature vocabulary and expressions of an highly particular nature and therefore need to be translated with extreme precision; the original meaning of the specialised terminology has to be conveyed into the target language with 100% accuracy. There is no room for error or ambiguity in specialised translations. They are performed by experienced translators who not only can boast of extensive linguistic knowledge but are also educated in the relevant field.

Every word matters

Masters in their fields

There is a high demand for specialised translations in many sectors – business, medicine, law, engineering, and the natural sciences, among others.

It is important to use the appropriate translation tools on an everyday basis to achieve the highest quality, as they help you maintain consistency and improve the grammar structures in translations.

These types of translations should be allocated to professional translation agencies with the required experience and knowledge. We make sure that the client receives a high-quality translated text that has been delivered by an expert with extensive knowledge.

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    Types of the specialised translations that we perform:

    Medical translations

    examination results, clinical examination reports, medical equipment user guides, etc.

    Pharmaceutical translations

    clinical examinations, drug labels and instructions, information brochures, etc.

    Technical translations

    technical equipment manuals, technical reports, descriptions of technical specifications, etc.

    Legal translations

    agreements, court decisions, notarial deeds, official documents, etc.

    Financial translations

    reports, balance sheets and financial statements, loan agreements, tax documents, etc.

    Scientific translations

    scientific reports, publications and articles, books, papers, etc.


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