Bulgarian, part of the South Slavic languages is spoken by approximately 9 million people. It is the official language of Bulgaria and is also spoken in Greece, Canada, North Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, the USA, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Closest relative 

The closest relative to the Bulgarian language is considered to be Macedonian. 



The Bulgarian language consists of 30 letters and is written in Cyrillic. 


Lack of declension 

As one of the few Slavic languages, Bulgarian does not decline by cases. Instead of declension, prepositions and fixed endings are used. 



Due to Bulgaria’s history, the language contains many loanwords from Greek and Turkish. 



The Bulgarian language has many dialects, which are highly diverse, making it difficult for residents of different regions to understand each other. 



In the Bulgarian language, there are as many as nine tenses, allowing for precise determination of the time and order of events. 



The accent is movable and its placement within a word changes its meaning, so one must be very careful while learning. 

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