Certified translations (called also, although improperly, sworn translations) are specific, formal documents. They need to meet specific formal requirements.

Certified translations may be executed by a sworn translator who has passed a state examination and was enrolled on the official list of the Ministry of Justice.

Sworn translator is a profession of public trust. Such translators specialise in translating procedural and official documents, authenticating copies of such documents executed in foreign languages, as well as authenticating translations, and their copies, executed by other people. A sworn translator uses for such authentication a special, personalised seal with their name and a language in which they are authorised to translate in the rim, and their number on the list of sworn translators inside.

Being a sworn translator means working a profession of public trust, which requires relevant authorisaton. This profession influences public good. Any sworn translator who translates for the State, any public institution or any natural person needs to take care of their interests, as well as the interests of third parties. Our agency hires only experienced certified translators who understand that. Every certified translator cooperating with us will translate for you any official documents, authenticate other people’s translations or the copies of documents executed in foreign languages.

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