Your product deserves worldwide recognition. Entrust us with the task of localizing your game, and let us prepare you for the global audience. We respect your time and understand that the whole development is on your shoulders, and that is why we aim for self-sufficiency. Meet us for a short preliminary review and leave the rest in our capable hands.

Our Translators

Our network consists of experienced translators who are always ready to take care of your project. We localize into 20+ languages, supporting our translators on every step of their journey, providing access to the best tools, and consulting all concerns that arise. We are actively involved in the process, and we will not accept anything below the highest standards.


We know the ins and outs of game development, and it allows us to identify potential problems before they make it into your game. Our mission is to guarantee the quality and fast pace of work. A vast workload and limited budget may try to stop us, but we have just the tools to fight back.

Processes taylored to your needs

Every project is unique; no two are the same. Rest assured that we will adjust our processes to your product. We highly value our flexibility and always work in harmony with the roadmap.


Great things are built on nuances. As gaming enthusiasts, we know there’s no place for compromises or cliches. Proper localization should make the player feel at home. Our translators combine years of expertise with unremarkable creativity to deliver linguistic masterpieces. 


Creativity is one side of the coin, but the other is that localization often requires grounded knowledge. Specialized translations have been our bread and butter for years, allowing us to build a vast network of experts in various fields.

Cultural setting

Wandering through a minefield of historical, ethical, and geopolitical correctness is not an easy task. Nevertheless, we walk the path with humility, guided by our experts in culture who help us manage the risks or, even better, turn them into opportunities.

We are ready to assist you in all language-related endeavors by:

  • localizing your product, webpage, marketing materials, descriptions for storefronts or scripts for voice actors;
  • translating internal documentation, design docs, game pitches, or legal documents;
  • recording voice overs for additional languages;
  • revamping fonts by adding diacritics or fixing kerning issues;
  • providing professional LQA support.

Our portfolio:


Our customers:

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