Translating patents – that’s our deal!

We’ve started with patent translations of various kind carried out for top patent offices in Poland and we continue to excel at them. We encourage you to read the article about patent translations by Diuna’s Partner, Anna Kolasa, on the character
of such job.

We are experts in what we do, and we know how to use technical vocabulary specific for your branch. We also know that deadlines are crucial and need to be strictly respected.

On the IP translation market, we do provide a whole range of services,

– translation, proofreading and post-editing of machine translations of patents
and patent applications (including most of technical fields, i.e. medicine, IT, biotechnology, mechanics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, life sciences, etc.),

– translation of opposition and invalidation documents, including certified translations (obligatory at court in many countries),

– fast and consistent translation of European patent claims from/into French, English and German (main languages of EPO, every EU patent needs its claims to be translated into these 3 languages), or any other languages,

– translation in a „ready to file” condition, i.e. verified by one of our in-house
patent attorneys,

– full service validation of European patents in Poland.

We have patent attorneys cooperating with us, who are duly authorized to represent clients before the Polish Patent Office, Polish courts, the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Union
Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).
Internally, we provide all the IP translation services in language pairs including the following languages: English, French, German, Polish and Russian.
In cooperation with our freelance partners, we do provide services in different language pairs as well.
We also cooperate with foreign patent & trademark attorneys and LSPs to provide our clients with complex services globally.

Since 2008, we have been continuously working with many European and global IP companies. For our clients, we have translated over 200 million words of patent specifications or other documents concerning registration and protection of trademarks, patents and utility models.

We stand out from the competition since we do not outsource all projects to external translators. We hire full-time a big team of experts, mainly engineers and doctors, in the fields which concern the patents we work with.

We will gladly discuss the conditions of our potential cooperation at the meeting in your or our office. We are ready to prepare a sample or send you an extended offer.

If you are interested in any kind of cooperation in this field, have any
questions or need some more information – please feel free to
contact us via:

Tel. (Poland): (+48) 22 662 17 68

Among our many regular customers, there are such patent offices and patenting companies as:

Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys
JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys
WTS Patent Attorneys
LOGO Expert
SGS Poland
Kaminski & Partners Patent and Trademark Attorneys
Tech – Law Office “PATENT”
BSJP Patent Office
KARCZ ZAKROCKA Patent & Trademark Attorneys
SOBAJDA & ORLIŃSKA Patent Attorneys
Patent and Trademark Attorneys Agency Wanda Wierzbicka-Dobrzyńska
Katarzyna Sas Patent Office
Tadeusz Wilczarski Patent Office
dr W. Tabor Sp. J. Patent Office
Magdalena Jezierska-Zięba Patent Office
Tadeusz Wilczarski Patent Office
Anna Górska Patent Office
Aleksandra Marcińska-Porzuc Patent Office
dr inż. Zbigniew Kamiński and son Patent Office
Klar and Partners Law and Patent Office
PATENT Marta Bartula-Toch Patent and Law Office
Grażyna Więckowska-Lazanowicz Patent Attorney Office
Limes Technical Office W. Kowalkiewicz

Our customers:

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