Since the very beginning, that is since 2009, we’ve developed an ideal model of cooperation in interpreting.

We’ve acquired regular partners and trusted interpreters, who ensure the interpretation of highest quality in every domain.

In Diuna Translation Agency, there is a possibility to order consecutive, as well as simultaneous interpretation – it might come in handy during congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars, presentations, business meetings, training sessions, negotiations or court trials.

We will provide you with a booth for simultaneous interpretation and other specialist equipment, technical support and the appropriate sound system tailored to the particular room.

If an interpreter is present at a conference, it embraces a far wider audience and becomes more prestigious. Thanks to our experience, we can assess which type of interpretation will work best in a given situation. We will provide you with the best interpretation, which will make any participant understand the course of a meeting; and thus, make them feel comfortable. We offer simultaneous interpretation which is carried out on the spot, along with the presentation. It may be executed in many foreign languages at a time. Upon request, our interpreters may also translate consecutively or otherwise.

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