In addition to professional language and localisation services, Diuna LSP has also many projects to its name as a company providing linguistic support with tasks requiring, among others, compiling large volumes of language data. Among them, there have been projects such as creating speech recognition systems, machine-learning algorithms and AI software. We have worked with top international providers of telecommunications services and electronics manufacturers.

Our services:

Providing text content:

To utilise their full potential, text-analysis algorithms need a special kind of fuel: content. Diuna LSP offers services consisting in compiling and supplying content that helps algorithms develop appropriate processes avoiding incorrect data.

Providing audio content:

We enable algorithms and AI to learn from the best sources available by providing professional audio input: recordings by native speakers, verified in terms of content and pronunciation (also in regional dialects and language varieties). In this way, we help create customer service chatbots, virtual assistants, voice command devices or Internet of Things devices and many more.

Providing visual content:

Diuna LSP can provide the necessary volume of video content and images for software and algorithms based on visual analysis.

Recruitment of foreign-language employees:

The Diuna LSP team is here to help with staff recruitment if there are any language-barrier problems. Our selected experts will coordinate the entire process according to the customer’s requirements and find the best people for the job, regardless of the language they are supposed to work with.

Data annotation (labeling):

We help algorithms reach relevant, crucial parts of a text, so as not to waste their processing capabilities on non-essential tasks. Data labeling consists in organising content using one-word categories, or tags. Thanks to such content categorisation, the software will learn, find the information it needs and use it the way it is supposed to.

Video transcription tagging:

This service consists in describing transcribed video content. Such enhanced subtitles contain more details about who is speaking and how, as well as some additional non-verbal information, such as the way the speakers behave.

Data for creating and verifying OCR algorithms:

Optical character recognition, or OCR in short, is a technology where algorithms convert characters from photos and images into text. Thanks to these complex processes, machines can read handwriting or characters or even whole texts that are not in computer font. Diuna LSP offers a comprehensive body of visual and text content for OCR algorithms, which allows them to efficiently learn and develop their capabilities.

Social media reach and website visibility analysis:

Based on experience and top-quality tools, Diuna LSP helps its customers collect data on their company or product visibility in Google, Bing and other search engines. This enables them to prepare offers tailored to the needs of their customers and reach them more effectively. We also help identify and meet your needs with respect to keywords and content for SEO/SEM purposes.

Our customers:

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