Diuna Translation Agency, the most active company in the translation industry on the Polish market, thanks to the dynamic development of the brand and associated brands, opens recruitment for a key position.

We’re looking for a creative person to work with us as our Content Manager. Do you gnash your teeth when someone mistakes “your” and “you’re” or when you hear someone saying, “To boldly go where no man has gone before,” even if it’s Captain Kirk?

Have you always had a gift of the gab and a knack for the written word, and your essays were so perfect you’d get an A+ or so cheeky to merit an F?

Would you rather go on a date with Ursula Le Guin or Andrzej Sapkowski than Jessica Alba or Justin Bieber?


This position combines the usual responsibilities of a content manager with those of a social media expert, spokesman, copywriter, and editor.

Required skills:

– a sense of humour and the ability to adjust a joke to a target group;

– perfect written and oral communication skills in Polish;

– very good  written and oral communication skills in English;

– being the “grammar Nazi” among your friends;

– ease of writing and coming up with creative texts on various topics related to our business.


– completed/on-going studies— philology, translation studies, journalism, media studies, public relations (although not obligatory);

– acquaintance with the new media sector, in particular the Web  and social media;

– experience in editing, writing, and performing in public;

– knowledge of graphic design software;

– knowledge of the Facebook Ads Manager and AdWords;

– knowledge of KPI, RTB, GDN, GMC, GTM and CPM, CPC, CPL, CPS, ROI, as well as correlations between them;

– knowledge of the market and the process of localisation.

Primary roles & responsibilities:

– manage the company’s communication strategy in all media channels;

– cooperate actively with ad providers, bloggers, and vloggers;

– cooperate with our in-house marketing department to optimise time management for the whole team;

– make public speeches at conferences, fairs, and in promotional materials.

If you’ve already decided to join our team of the young and beautiful, don’t wait! Send us your CV, preferably with a motivational letter—and, if available, your portfolio, writing samples, links to blogs or a fanpage you run—to the address rekrutacja@diuna.biz

with the subject: CM/04/18.

We hope to see you!

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