We kindly ask you to comply with the following recommendations – the more unified the principles of cooperation are, the more satisfied both parties will be. (A translator will receive the payment sooner, and we will have less problems in this regard).

In order to avoid problems in the future and to facilitate mutual cooperation, we kindly ask you to follow the rules listed below:

1. All invoices shall be issued at the beginning of each month, not at the end, but no later than on the 15th day of the month and never after the 20th day of the month.

2. All translations carried out in the previous month shall be accumulated on one invoice. It is preferable that the invoices do not exceed the amount of PLN 3000 – 4000 at a time. If the payable amount exceeds the above mentioned limit, we kindly ask you to issue another VAT invoice and to list further projects on the new invoice.

3. Positions on VAT invoices shall be named in accordance with the files in our application, for example: PA1-ENPL-1302-instruction (if the order was not sent via the application, please provide the file name and the name of Diuna Translation Agency employee from whom you received the order).

4. Payment deadline shall be 30 days. Unfortunately, due to the fact that most of our customers require the same from us, we are not able to effect payments for translators faster. We do that when we can. But sometimes, we just have to wait for the bank transfer. In addition to the extended payment deadlines and late payments, some clients do not pay us at all. Of course such situations should not have impact on our translators, but unfortunately, they often hinder us from keeping short payment deadlines.

5. Diuna Translation Agency outgoing transfers are effected twice a month: on the 17th and on the 27th day of each month. Please check your bank account 1-2 days after that date and if the deadline for your invoice has already expired, please ask us about the transfer. Due to the large number of outgoing transfers, it is not possible for Diuna Translation Agency to effect transfers on any other day than the 17th and 27th day of each month.

We kindly ask you to read the regulations applicable for all freelance translators working for Diuna Translation Agency.

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