Counting characters in Microsoft Excel – solution to a common problem

How to count the characters in Microsoft Excel without coping them to the Microsoft Word Text Editor? Here’s a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing macro and instructions which allow for counting characters in all tabs of an “.xls” file.

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Length of words – average number of characters in a word

Based on various text samples, we have estimated an average number of characters in words in particular languages. Charges for translations can be calculated based on the number of characters, words, lines or standard pages. We hope that you will benefit from the following summary like we do! You may also like to use our […]

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TiSA – Trade in Services Agreement translation

[TiSA-EN] – original English version [EN] [TiSA-PL] – Polish version [PL]

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National Archives – translation of Katyn files declassified by the United States on 10.09.2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, Below, we upload the translations of US documents on the Katyn massacre carried out by Diuna Translation Agency. The time was a decisive factor in this case so we are asking for your understanding. Should you have any comments or corrections, please send an email at the following email address: Beria`s […]

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Cookies – Our cookie policy

The following policy states the rules for storage and access to the information on the User’s devices via Cookies which serve the purpose of providing electronic services on User’s request by Diuna Translation Agency seated in Warsaw. § 1 Definitions 1. Administrator – BT Diuna Arrakis spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością spółka komandytowa with its registered […]

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