Simultaneous translation, a real challenge for the translator

Have you ever thought about how difficult the profession of translator is? It may seem that all that is needed is to be fluent in a foreign language and the work itself is easy and pleasant. However, there are types of translations that require not only language skills but also a number of essential predispositions. […]

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Translating from images – an interesting Google App function

The functionality of the translating tool by Google is widely known and the tool itself is easily available, although it works better with less demanding texts, as its quality leaves a lot to be desired. If in the case of the translations from English the resulting texts are more or less coherent and comprehensible, with […]

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Top 5 online English dictionaries

Dictionaries are essential for learning foreign languages, expanding one’s vocabulary and translating texts. They are used not only by students and language learners but also by professionals, who often use a wider range of specialised vocabulary for technical translations, for example. Dictionaries in paper form are slowly becoming old-fashioned as the number of mobile applications […]

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Translation and localisation: what is it all about?

In the language services industry, some terms, such as translation or localisation, are often misunderstood or mistakenly used interchangeably. There are several essential issues that set apart, in some cases very significantly, different types of services. Translation, which is the most popular term used to describe the execution of a document in a language other […]

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