Film titles: what’s with their translations?

For an English-speaking audience, this problem may seem non-existent since the film industry is dominated by productions in English. But when it comes to translating film titles into other languages, such as Polish, there is a lot of commotion. Why films may have completely different titles in different countries? Through the years, some title changes […]

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Medical translation: how to find the professional you need?

Medical translation belongs to a specific category of specialised translations. They require experience in medical sciences and knowledge of two languages. It is not so common for translators to take this career path. Most of the time, only those who used to work as doctors tend to switch to medical translation. It is extremely challenging […]

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Medical records and translation: when should you consult a professional?

Medical records are difficult to translate, but it’s always worth the money and effort. Proper medical treatment is something that, according to Polish law, should be provided to every citizen, no matter the wealth, status or social position. Of course, in reality, it is not always that simple but, as a principle, medical care should […]

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CAT software – translator’s ally

For each experienced translator, CAT tools are an obvious choice, but not everybody is familiar with their role in our industry. For those who begin their career as translators, they can even seem enigmatic. Of course, we know that the Internet was invented to view pictures of cute cats but what’s with the CAT software? […]

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A few words on translating patents

We don’t exactly reinvent the wheel when we say that translations vary very much. It’s common knowledge that every industry has rules of its own and, depending on the type of text we’re currently translating, we need to approach it in a suitable way and use appropriate vocabulary. Patents are a very characteristic branch of […]

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