Certified translation – when do we need a sworn translator?

It isn’t necessary to have special powers to translate articles, manuals or even medical histories. Such a translation can be done by any translator. However, when we need a translation of formal, official documents, we have to use the services of a sworn translator. In the article below we explain what a certified translation is […]

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Our trip to Zanzibar, or how we managed to combine a birthday party, a trip abroad, and the colour teal.

Planning a corporate event or a team-building trip is now becoming more and more of a challenge. Organisers of such incentives compete in offering increasingly “marvellous” events, which, however, do not always translate into a systematic increase in employee satisfaction. This means it is worth considering what you really expect from such an event. Not […]

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How to recognise a good translator? Check these 6 things

The translation industry is growing all the time. There are new technologies and translation types emerging every year and people flock to companies in search of career opportunities. There are all sorts of translation specialisations: medical, technical, business, literature and many more. Also one can choose from a variety of companies to get one’s project […]

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Is it hard to become a sworn translator?

Some translations need to be certified. It means that a sworn translator, by affixing their seal and signature, certifies that a translation is a legal equivalent of the source text. Such authentication is often needed when translating vehicle registration documents, vital records, court papers or notarial acts. But who exactly is a sworn translator? And […]

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Technical translation – precision is key

What exactly is technical translation? There are many types of language services and those dealing with technologies are a sort of a world of their own. Most often technical translation covers instruction manuals, handbooks or specs for specific devices. This type of work requires a high level of expertise from the translator and knowledge of […]

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