Is it hard to become a sworn translator?

Some translations need to be certified. It means that a sworn translator, by affixing their seal and signature, certifies that a translation is a legal equivalent of the source text. Such authentication is often needed when translating vehicle registration documents, vital records, court papers or notarial acts. But who exactly is a sworn translator? And […]

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Translation online: How to get it quickly and easily?

Thanks to the Internet we can order almost anything, contact almost everyone and arrange almost any kind of deal. It allows us to shop worldwide and even work from the most remote of distances. It also makes it much easier to order a translation. That counts for regular as well as authenticated translation assignment. Online […]

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How to recognise a good translator? Check these 6 things

The translation industry is growing all the time. There are new technologies and translation types emerging every year and people flock to companies in search of career opportunities. There are all sorts of translation specialisations: medical, technical, business, literature and many more. Also one can choose from a variety of companies to get one’s project […]

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Medical translation: What is it and who to hire as a service provider? Guidelines for institutions

Medical translation is a unique domain. It requires high precision and professionalism. Every detail is vital, and there is no room for mistakes. An expert medical translator should be familiar with the current state of scientific knowledge and technology. Medical translation: What does the process look like? It is not a job for every translator. […]

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Translation agency: how to choose the one for the job?

There are a few thousand translation agencies here in Poland. If you are heading to collaborate with one smoothly and efficiently, you need to take some time for a detailed research. How to choose wisely? There are plenty of factors necessary to consider before making the final decision. In this article we want to provide […]

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