Certified translation – when do we need a sworn translator?

It isn’t necessary to have special powers to translate articles, manuals or even medical histories. Such a translation can be done by any translator. However, when we need a translation of formal, official documents, we have to use the services of a sworn translator. In the article below we explain what a certified translation is […]

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Is it hard to become a sworn translator?

Some translations need to be certified. It means that a sworn translator, by affixing their seal and signature, certifies that a translation is a legal equivalent of the source text. Such authentication is often needed when translating vehicle registration documents, vital records, court papers or notarial acts. But who exactly is a sworn translator? And […]

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To be or not to be – that is the translation

All translations are not made the same Only those daredevils who translate literature know how hard it is to translate the texts which are not only informative, but also heart-moving, dense, emoting and thought-provoking. Plenty of ambiguities, assumptions, metaphors and language nuances, their translation should depict the original accurately enough for the form of the […]

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How to choose a translation agency

There are a few thousand translation agencies here in Poland. If you are heading to collaborate with one smoothly and efficiently, you need to take some time for a detailed research. How to choose wisely? There are plenty of factors necessary to consider before making the final decision. In this article we want to provide […]

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A sworn translator – how to become one?

What does a sworn translator do? The profession of a sworn translator can be compared with the job done by a forensic expert. The translator mainly translates documents which need to be certified; therefore, they require the formal declaration of compliance. Most frequently these are all sorts of contracts, attestations, notarial deeds, certificates and diplomas. […]

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