TEW GDPR Report Sheds Light on Grey Areas

Newly-published project report from the Translating Europe Workshop Towards Common European GDPR Guidelines for the Translation and Interpreting Profession sheds light on grey areas of GDPR implementation and compliance in the language services industry.   The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in 2018, but the T&I sector in particular has suffered from […]

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Proofreaders – what do they do?

The author usually is not able to see their work from a distance. After all, it is their brainchild, so when it’s finished, they usually feel accomplished. But the text may be flawed, so it needs to be proofread. That is when proofreader comes into action. When it comes to grammar and spelling, there should […]

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Localisation and translation: what is it all about?

Localisation or translation – those two terms are are often misunderstood or mistakenly used interchangeably. There are several essential issues that set apart, in some cases very significantly, different types of services. Translation, which is the most popular term used to describe the execution of a document in a language other than the original one, […]

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Did you know there are 22 interpretations of “To be or not to be” in Poland?

The number of interpretations of a single sentence shows how difficult it is to translate literature. All translations are not made the same Only those daredevils who translate literature know how undeniably hard it is to translate the texts. Not only are they not only informative, but also heart-moving, dense, emoting and thought-provoking. Plenty of […]

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Technical translation – precision is key

What exactly is technical translation? There are many types of language services and those dealing with technologies are a sort of a world of their own. Most often technical translation covers instruction manuals, handbooks or specs for specific devices. This type of work requires a high level of expertise from the translator and knowledge of […]

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