CAT software – translator’s ally

For each experienced translator, CAT tools are an obvious choice, but not everybody is familiar with their role in our industry. For those who begin their career as translators, they can even seem enigmatic. Of course, we know that the Internet was invented to view pictures of cute cats but what’s with the CAT software? […]

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A few words on translating patents

We don’t exactly reinvent the wheel when we say that translations vary very much. It’s common knowledge that every industry has rules of its own and, depending on the type of text we’re currently translating, we need to approach it in a suitable way and use appropriate vocabulary. Patents are a very characteristic branch of […]

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Price of translation services: what does it depend on?

When you plan to purchase a product, you take several factors into consideration. The price is not the only one of course. Let’s suppose that you’re thinking of buying a new cell phone. Which features are going to be the most important to you: making calls, sending messages, having a strong battery or maybe a […]

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Interlingua, the new Esperanto: is it the language of the future?

Interlingua as an “international common language”. Artificial languages – for what purpose are they created? There are around seven thousand languages worldwide. Although their number is decreasing and is expected to be halved by the end of the century, this does not change the fact that people from different countries will still not be able […]

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Machine learning and translation explained [INTERVIEW]

Read the interview with Marta Bartnicka - IT specialist and machine learning expert! We are talking sex, protein and context.

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