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Thanks to the Internet we can order almost anything, contact almost everyone and arrange almost any kind of deal. It allows us to shop worldwide and even work from the most remote of distances. It also makes it much easier to order a translation. That counts for regular as well as authenticated translation assignment.

Online translation form on the LSP’s webpage – how to use it?

Let’s take for example an important medical document or a fragment from a book we currently need. We need its version in another language but lack in time for long phonecalls or travelling to LSP’s office. The solution is just to stay where you are and use the modern ways of comunication: just open a new window on your PC and contact the provider. Easy and quick. With such channel of comunication you can also scan and send the document you need to have being translated.

In such a form one can find questions that make it clearer and easier fo the LSP to valuate the project. The client provides the company with information about the pair (or more) of languages from and to which the content should be translated. This combined with the source text scanned and sent makes the perfect innitial package to start working. The documents are delivered to a proper expert with all the necessary safety precautions included. We highly recommend using our online form for sending files with maximum 8 MB size. We value swift comunication and would not waste none of clients time.

Ordering a translation online – is it safe?

That is a very important question. Many things were made easy with the internet but on the other hand it opened many new possibilities of fraud or scam practise. It is important to know what will happen to the client’s materials once they reach the LSP. The company stores them for 7 days and is obliged to keeping thier confidentiality. No third person is allowed to look into those materials or learn the details of the project. The transfer of documents is as safe as with the traditional postal service, though it’s much faster.

Of ocurse if the client doesn’t trust the web providers or anti-theft software, he/she can always deliver the documents to the LSP personaly.

How fast is it for translation online project to be completed?

With the help of online form we can set the translation project quickly and deliver the necessary files to the proper expert. After sending us the document and details about the project the client awaits (but not long) our valuation. Once the price is accepted the project formally begins, there is no need to pay before arranging the details, no payments for valuation itself.

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