Intensive legal translation course discussing issues which may appear on the state examination for sworn translators. Available onsite, at our Warsaw seat, and online.

Given the high interest in the first edition organised in October 2017, we are launching the second edition of our legal translation course.

What do we offer?

  • Lectures and classes conducted by lawyers and sworn translators.
  • Professional staff experienced in translation and teaching.
  • Interesting classes and provided set of training materials.
  • Apart from legal matters, discussions on economics, economy, etc.
  • Tips on using CAT and OCR tools in certified translation.
  • Practical tips on how to pass the state examination for a sworn translator.


What: onsite course
Where: Diuna Translation Agency, Słowicza 33, Warsaw
Price: PLN 3400 net


It is also possible to participate in the course via live stream. Note: live broadcast will be available only during the lectures and classes. As for the practical classes, after the end of the broadcast, you will have 24 hours to complete the given task, which will then be verified and graded by the lecturer. This way you will be able to participate in our course from home, and your knowledge will be regularly tested by an experienced practitioner.

What: online course
Where: everywhere in the world
Price: 2,590 PLN net

Payment in instalments is possible for both onsite and online course.

In order to sign up or ask any questions, please contact us by email at:

Access to particular modules

Should you be interested in particular modules, you can purchase access only to selected classes at affordable prices.

Price list (onsite course):

  • 1 module – PLN 345
  • 2 modules – PLN 665
  • 3 modules – PLN 965
  • 4 modules – PLN 1,245
  • 1st semester (10 modules) –PLN 2,250 net

Price list (online course):

  • 1 module – PLN 305
  • 2 modules – PLN 585
  • 3 modules – PLN 845
  • 4 modules – PLN 1,085
  • 1st semester (10 modules) – PLN 1,550 net

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