Looking for translation specialists? Diuna Language Services Provider is a perfect choice.

We’ve been present on the translation market since 2009.
We are among top 10 translation agencies in Poland according to the Book of Lists of Washington Business Journal.
We’ve completed so far hundreds of projects, and we’ve translated hundreds of thousands of pages. We hire over 20 regular employees, and we cooperate with dozens of freelance translators.
These numbers speak for themselves: you can trust us with your translation.

What makes us special?

1. Diuna Translation Agency offers a standard page consisting of 1800 characters with whitespaces, not of 1600 or 1500 as it happens in other translation agencies.

2. We focus not only on the content, but also on the form of a document. Upon request, we introduce stylistic changes in documents translated by us free of charge. We also offer free consulting on appropriate technical and branch vocabulary.

3. Our activity started with specialised translations. That is why you can be sure that no text will cause problem to our translators.

4. Our motto is: it is easier for an engineer to become a translator, than for a translator to become an engineer. Of course, instead of an engineer we can safely put there a lawyer, a biologist, a chemist or an architect, but the principle remains the same: we cooperate with experts in many specific fields who are also experienced translators, and we translate your documents based on their competence and expertise.

5. Translations – technical, general, certified – ASAP or with a regular deadline – nothing scares us.

6. We do not charge any hidden fees. There are no “asterisks” or “fine prints” as well.

7. Each translated text is verified by two independent proofreaders – specialists in a particular branch. Then our employees check each other’s work and together they create final and linguistically coherent version of the document.

8. Only few translation agencies execute the majority of translation projects by the in-house employees. We are one of them. This allows for an unimpeded contact between project managers and translators, which translates into professional service and seamless execution of orders.

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Our goal?

We do not want to compete with anyone because we are unrivalled.

We do not want to improve the quality of our work because it is undoubtedly the highest.

It is enough for us to meet our current standards.

Highest standards.

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