Beginnings of our activity

The first period of our activity resembles the origins of most companies of that type: an apartment at Asfaltowa Street in Warsaw Mokotów district, being a living and working place at once, the majority of projects outsourced to freelance translators and arduous struggle for establishing presence on a difficult market.

The thing that distinguished us from thousands of similar agencies was, first of all, specialisation in patent translations and the fact that the majority of orders were executed by the co-owner of our company. By combining the forces of an experienced translator (Ania) and a skilled manager (Piotr), we were able to quickly acquire first regular customers. Almost all of them have stayed with us until today!


New headquarters

High quality of delivered translations, the scope of which included more and more languages and specialisations, along with an increasing number of companies and institutions to which we’d been providing our services allowed us to move on to the next level – renting a modest office at 186 Grójecka Street.

At that time a little frog named Bonzo, whose living in the Warsaw Zoo had been sponsored by us for a long time in exchange for regular reports on its condition, turned out to be our greatest support. And it still remains incredibly comforting to know that in case of any difficult project or any stressful situation we can count on someone who is as calm as a toad in the sun (Bonzo’s joke; it seems that among tree frogs it is considered funny).


Piotr Kolasa’s unusual approach

At this stage, the professional path of our company developed differently than the usual path of most translation agencies, because, based on our experience, we’ve decided to focus on hiring in-house translators rather than cooperating with them remotely.

The first step in this direction was hiring a co-worker responsible for project management and cooperation with clients who would relieve the owners of some tasks and enable them to carry out a thorough verification process of candidates for the position of a full-time translator.

We can proudly say that the people with whom we started to cooperate at that time continue to work for us on-site, or, for various reasons (in most cases relocation that made working in our office impossible), work for us off-site.

We maintain good relations and keep in touch with all of them. From that moment on, things went very quickly for Diuna Translation Agency.


Declassification of Katyn files – our small success

After creating a trusted and proven team, it was time to take a breath and look for new unusual challenges. The chance appeared faster than we thought. For the first time, we got a chance to work on such a big, non-profit project: the declassification and publication of files concerning the Katyn massacre by the US Library of Congress. At that time, few available places in the office were always occupied by interns of final years of studies, who performed the initial selection of extensive material.

Translation of declassified documents hit the ground running, earning the interest not only of our translators, but also of the media, which became interested in the project rather quickly. This resulted in an interview given in one of the national radio stations, and subsequently in launching long-term cooperation with the Institute of National Remembrance.


Dynamic growth

The year 2013 was the time of dynamic growth and conscious pursuit of set goals. The first step was opening the second office at Filtrowa Street, where some of our translators, interpreters, proofreaders and project managers were moved.

Simultaneously, we began to look for a bigger office which would replace the already heavily overcrowded branch at Grójecka Street. Quite quickly, we managed to rent a some hundred square meters premises in a prestigious location at Raszynska Street, which was intended to accommodate not only full-time employees, but also several interns.

At this stage, not only were they willing to work for us, but also they passed to their friends a positive opinion on our company, as well as the information that quite often we hire the best interns in our agency (this rule applies to this day).


Diuna Translation Agency becomes one of the biggest translation agencies in Poland

At that time, in addition to typical for-profit activity, we’ve started to carry out charity projects for such institutions as the Museum of Independence in Warsaw, Greenpeace, the Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights (basically, we support this institution from the very beginning of our activity) and many other.

In the beginning of 2014, we were already one of the largest translation agencies in Poland providing services to a group of regular customers from all over the world. We apply highest QA standards, we use standardised, specialised software, and we offer almost all linguistic services possible such as voice-over, computer games and software localisation, conducting presentations and trade negotiations on behalf of our customers – both personally and on the phone.

At the end of 2014, we could finally move into our new headquarters at 33 Słowicza Street.You can find us here today.Two floors are able to accommodate all of our employees who have access to a nice green garden where they can relax or spend some time wwith their colleagues after a hard day’s work. This place allows us to work efficiently in a very pleasant atmosphere.


We pass on our knowledge and experience

In 2015 we organised the first SDL Trados and OCR course. It’s popularity motivated us to work even harder. Our hard work paid off and resulted in a whole series of lectures and workshops.

Our mission is not only to translate, but also to educate future generations of translators. We strive to pass our knowledge and experience on in the best possible way. It is worth noting that people who we meet during our courses have an opportunity to contact us on internships or work, and they often get positive feedback.


Strong position of Diuna Translation Agency on the translation market

Stable and dynamic development allowed us for further investments. We were greatly committed to sponsoring Film and Art Festival Two Riversides in Kazimierz Dolny as we became an official partner of the event. Diuna Translation Agency team spent a whole week in Kazimerz willingly entertaining festival participants by preparing for them a board game area and serving them fresh fruit, water and our legendary fudges. For the purposes of the festival, we’ve created a commercial spot, which received positive reviews of both spectators and marketing specialists.

7 years of hard work paid off. Diuna Translation Agency is placed among top 10 translation agencies in Poland according to the Book of Lists of Washington Business Journal. Could we imagine a better gift for our birthday? Probably not. Will we rest on our laurels? Of course not. Such successes only drive us to work even harder. We are constantly developing, launching new services, employing new people, organising new courses and workshops and taking care of our employees because we know that we owe them our good results. And we are not going to stop – that’s for sure.

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