About us:

Running is the hobby of many Diuna Translation Agency employees. That is why, a couple of years ago, we decided to join our forces. Since then, we’ve been running as a team. Team running has many perks: first and foremost, it is easier to find motivation and leave home. We do not follow any specific schedule; we run as we please. Sometimes we do prep long runs, another time we train to improve our pace, and yet another time we build our endurance.

Each and every one of us confirms: every day is a good day to wear your sneakers and go running.


Since 2014, we’ve been actively supporting the “7K7S7M” project launched by our friend Darek Laksa. By taking part in marathons on each continent, he provides help to primary schools in Bytom.

Team members:

  • Ania – in the past, even the very thought of running made me nauseous. I decided to change it, and I treated it as a challenge. Now, I can’t stop running. It’s high time I started preparing for a marathon, I think…
  • Piotrek – my running experience limits almost only to running after a football but, from time to time, I also join Diuna Running Team in relays or on short distances.
  • Kamil – I run a lot. Mostly after a football.
  • Sebastian – I make approximately 500 km per year. I run because it’s the best way to relax and blow off steam. There is no such thing as bad weather, there are only wrong clothes.
  • Szymek – I run because I like it, and I can’t stand stagnation. I also run to clear my head. Recently, I’ve discovered my passion for marathons.


International Marathon of Marrakech 2017

406 – Szymon Fertacz – Marathon – 4:31:35

11th PZU Warsaw Half Marathon

5643 Anna Kolasa – 01:57:46

8902 Szymon Fertacz – 01:47:05

Mattoni Olomouc Half Marathon

F1294  Anna Kolasa  02:05:15

Warsaw Independence Run – 10 km

Anna Kolasa 00:57:00

10 km – Baha run – Mountain Beast Run – Siquijor Island (Philippines)

Anna Kolasa – 1:20 (I literally almost died)

21,0975km – BMW Praski Half Marathon 2017

Anna Kolasa – 02:12:00

12th PZU Warsaw Half Marathon

Sebastian Zacharek – 1:44:5

Personal bests:

Anna Kolasa (10 km – 49:00:00 , 5 km – 26:00:00, 21 km -01:55:00)

Future races:

Sebastian Zacharek: Orlen Warsaw Marathon 2018

Running tips:

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