Are you looking for employees who speak foreign languages fluently?

Are you expanding the foreign customer service department or foreign accounting departments? Do you need polyglot personnel?

We will help you find them!

Diuna Translation Agency offers you linguistic outsourcing and personnel consultancy services.

With our help an arduous recruitment processwill become pleasure!

Experienced advisers and consultants will make sure that the recruited posts are occupied by people who are competent and who meet all the requirements which are the most important for you. We verify not only candidates’ experience and skills, but also their knowledge of foreign languages.

To spare you additional administrative actions, Diuna Translation Agency will hire the chosen employees and take care of all the formalities – you will just benefit from the qualified personnel we have chosen for you.

Nowadays, knowledge of foreign languages is often the key criterion when looking for an appropriate employeeat all levels. Our extensive experience in linguistic sector makes it possible for us to easily verifywhether the candidates speak fluently the language you need, and whether they possess additional skills required for the recruited post.

For almost 10 years of being present on the market, we cooperated with more than 1000 linguists; only in 2016, we seconded to our Clients (e.g. Samsung R&D Institute Poland) 200 professionals.

We will help you in all kinds of recruitment:

  • Recruitment of temporary employees (short linguistic projects / temporary departments)
  • Recruitment of permanent employees
  • International recruitment
  • Assessment Process (verification of employees’ competence that ensures an objective evaluation of their skills before hiring them)
  • Executive Search
  • Conducting administrative and linguistic tests
  • Consultancy relating to HR management and to the labour market
  • Comprehensive outsourcing of the recruitment process (hiring of the chosen employees included)

Our customers:

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