Why does a translator need a glossary?

The word “glossary” comes from the noun “glossa” (footnote), because glossaries originally contained glosses to expressions or entire phrases, made by the scribe while transcribing manuscripts. Nowadays, the glossaries are primarily used to maintain the consistency of terminology used in the translation of specialised texts. It’s particularly useful in cases of unconventional terms and when […]

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Client FAQ or your most frequent concerns

During the talks with a translation agency, the same questions are often repeated – and these questions may significantly influence the requirements concerning a particular translation. In today’s article we’ve decided to address the concerns you most frequently have. What is standard translation page? Standard page is a basic unit on the basis of which […]

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Simultaneous translation, a real challenge for the translator

Have you ever thought about how difficult the profession of translator is? It may seem that all that is needed is to be fluent in a foreign language and the work itself is easy and pleasant. However, there are types of translations that require not only language skills but also a number of essential predispositions. […]

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Translating from images – an interesting Google App function

The functionality of the translating tool by Google is widely known and the tool itself is easily available, although it works better with less demanding texts, as its quality leaves a lot to be desired. If in the case of the translations from English the resulting texts are more or less coherent and comprehensible, with […]

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When grammar falls into the background

Natural or artificial? Languages are divided into human and non-human languages (used by animals or computers). One can say that every human language is at the same time artificial – because it consists of words and rules invented from above by man – and natural – because of the complicated grammatical structure, which emerged sometimes […]

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